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Songmakers periodically distributes a directory of members’ addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites. The directory is distributed only to our members. YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US! If you do NOT want your address, phone number and/or e-mail address listed in the directory, please check the appropriate box(es) above. To promote our club Songmakers occasionally publishes photos of club activities in print and social media. SONGMAKERS' PRIVACY POLICY: The membership directories are for the confidential use of Songmakers' members only, and may not be used by or distributed to non-members or used by anyone for commercial purposes.
E-Chord: In addition to the Bard Chord (our monthly newsletter), we distribute a weekly e-mail bulletin called the E-Chord. It includes reminders of upcoming events (including last-minute changes, additions and cancellations), announcements, services offered and items for sale by our members (which are listed free of charge). If you would prefer not to receive the E-Chord, please check the appropriate box(es) above.
GO GREEN! Please consider signing up for the electronic (PDF) edition of the Bard Chord in lieu of the print edition! The electronic edition reaches you sooner and has full-color, high-quality pictures (the print edition is black and white). You can help Songmakers save money and avoid dues increases, and help save the environment as well. PLUS get a 60% discount on your membership dues! Adobe Acrobat (free download) required.

BARD CHORD / PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you select PDF, your Bard Chord will be delivered via Email and you will be charged $11 (includes a $1 PayPal Service fee) and it may be charged to a credit card or a PayPal account.
If you select U.S.Mail, you will receive your Bard Chord through the mail and be charged $26 (incl. $1 fee).
If you wish to send a check for $10 or $25, select that option and mail a check made out to Songmakers to Doug Kerr, Membership, 3030 Surry St., Los Angeles, CA 90027

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