Richard Berman
Flowers In The Desert
The Kids Are Back
Give More Than You Take

A Love Song
How Old Is Your Boy?

Peggy BurkeFireside 2007
Are You Lonesome? Tonight,Little Red Riding Hood -and-
When I Leave the World Behind

Reel #1 (5:36)   Reel #2 (6:18)
Jack Cherrix
Paper Dog

Fireside 2007
Lorraine Cumiskey
John DonnFireside 2007
Rattlesnakes for Breakfast,
It Was All So Easy

Reel #1 (5:51)   Reel #2 (5:34)
Carl Gage One Song at a Time
Anyhow, Anywhere, Anywhen

(Coffee Gallery Backstage - July 16, 2008)

Songmaker's Heart

(Fireside 2006)

Ridin' on a Heartache
(Kulak's Woodshed - 2008)
Ken Graydon Fireside
Feb. 08, 2008

David Hallbauer
Nobody's Darlin'
But Mine
Jim HigbyFireside 2007
The Chance We Never Had,
The One That Got Away -and-
Roll Them Bones

Reel #1 (6:38)   Reel #2 (6:17)
Rodger Maxwell w/Bruce Farwell &
Gary Lynch
Hombres of Summer
The Promise
Wayfaring Stranger
Mikal Sandoval
I'm a Jazz Baby
The Right Kind of Man
I Wanna Be Bad
Dana Charette
Can You Sing Any Dylan